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Phantom Tri-River Charters is now Offering King Salmon Fishing Charters in Alaska!

a man holding a fish on a boat in a body of water

If you’ve been saving up for the last few months, pinching pennies to afford the fishing trip of your dreams, Phantom Tri-River Charters has great news for you: we’re now offering King Salmon fishing charters in Alaska! Grab your tackle box and your cooler because there’s never been a better time to book your trip to Alaska, for a fishing experience that you won’t soon forget.

During the early summer months of the year, around the beginning of June, King Salmon rush the many rivers and estuaries of Alaska, providing an optimal adventure for any fisherman who hopes of reeling in that once in a lifetime catch. In fact, with literally hundreds of thousands of King Salmon present in the waters during this time of year, a once in a lifetime catch could just become a regular thing for those hitting the water daily!

Some tips for King Salmon fishing

If this year is your year to experience that amazing fishing trip you’ve been dreaming of, make sure that you’re ready for the adventure that the Alaskan wilderness has in store for you. Here are a few good tips to consider if you plan on attending one of our many King Salmon fishing charters in Alaska:

  • King Salmon are big fish! They’re also fighters, which makes landing one a struggle that’s rewarding if you’re up to the task. Once hooked, these bad boys will generally make a run, so it’s important to play them close to the boat.
  • Because Kings thrash about and occasionally take a leap, it’s a good idea to control them as quickly as possible. Once you have control, it’s much easier to stop them from bolting.
  • Expect to lose a King or two: these resilient swimmers can break free from your line in a variety of different capacities. Don’t fret if one gets away from you—another will likely bite in due time!
  • Keep about 60 percent drag when fishing for King Salmon. Better yet, optimize your drag based on your rod. Don’t go more than 80 percent drag, however, or your line is going to snap quickly. Too light of a drag and you’ll be battling all day!

Fishing etiquette

Attending salmon fishing charters in Alaska also comes with an element of etiquette that must be remembered if you’ve never been on a fishing expedition before. You’ll be in some close quarters with a few other fishermen, meaning that space should always be observed. If possible, cast away from others and don’t let your line drift into the area of another fisherman. Kings can drag lines in every direction with ease, so if you’ve hooked one, make sure to let everyone know.

Alerting your boat to a hook also provides you with some background support. For example, if you’re simply not going to win a downstream battle against a powerful King, someone else can cut your line safely. Or, if you managed to bring your catch in close enough to the boat, having someone ready with a net will help to land the catch once and for all!

With all of this information and the conditions optimal for King Salmon, it’s time for you to book one of our salmon fishing charters in Alaska! What are you waiting for? Those fish aren’t going to catch themselves!