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Alaskan State Records for Largest Fish Ever Caught

Alaska is the nation’s largest state and offers ample opportunities for deep sea, freshwater lake, and river fishing. Alaska is where the nation’s tallest mountains and biggest bears are located. It also is home to many of the largest fish.

Many of the biggest fish caught in Alaska likewise are especially large. Alaskan salmon species are legendarily large and often are among the world’s largest. Many Alaskan salmon species regularly exceed 30 pounds, but the king of them all is the Alaskan king salmon.

Pacific Halibut Is the Biggest Fish in Alaska

Few can top the Pacific halibut when you really want to hook into a truly large fish. The Pacific halibut is the largest flatfish species and can weigh hundreds of pounds.

The Alaskan state record for the Pacific halibut is 459 pounds. A fish that size will produce lots of great fish steaks and other tasty cuts. Fishermen usually target the Pacific halibut in the many bays and inlets along Alaska’s long Pacific coast.

With a catch potentially weighing several hundred pounds per fish, it pays to charter your fishing trip to ensure you have the gear and an experienced guide to hook into the biggest fish in Alaska.

Other State Records for the Biggest Fish Caught in Alaska

You also can enjoy your time going after some of the most popular fish species in North America. They typically grow very large and in good quantities in Alaska.

Other popular fish species and their respective Alaska state records include:

  • King Salmon – 97 pounds 4 ounces
  • Red Salmon – 16 pounds
  • Lake Trout – 47 pounds
  • Steelhead Trout – 42 pounds 3 ounces
  • Arctic Grayling – 5 pounds 1 ounce

Those are just a sampling of the many great species you could try to land or get into your boat while enjoying a terrific fishing trip in Alaska.

Northern Pike Offers Ample Fun-Fishing Fights

The northern pike certainly is one of the most popular fish species to target in North America, and Alaska has some huge ones. The biggest northern pike caught in Alaska is 38 pounds and 8 ounces. That is a very large northern with equally large teeth.

If you are really lucky, you will hook into a northern pike that gives you an aerial display as well as a good battle to get it in the boat.

Many other species likewise offer the exciting combination of a fun fight and ample size. You can reserve your charter fishing excursion in Alaska today and prepare for a very fun and rewarding fishing experience.