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An Alaskan Fishing Expedition Isn’t Like Local Fishing

For those who have a passion for fishing, what one catches is only part of the deal. A real fishing trip includes where you are, what you see, what you fish and how long you spend out on the water. A perfect blend of all of these things makes a perfect fishing expedition.

An Alaskan fishing expedition includes all the items above, but Alaska is different than the lower 48. With these differences, an Alaskan fishing expedition might help you expand your worldview.

Whether you have already booked a trip or are deciding whether to fish in Alaska or not, consider these differences:

  • The size and tenacity of the fish: King salmon, perhaps one of the most popular fish in Alaska, weigh 25 – 60 pounds on average and are quite strong. Many fish in the lower 48 weigh on average 18 pounds. Catching a king salmon would be a challenge, but it would be quite an accomplishment. It would make a great photo and you’d be eating fish for days.
  • The remoteness of the wilderness: Visitors say Alaska is one of the most beautiful places they’ve been. Part of its beauty includes the fact that it is isolated. It is far from cities, people, and technology. Fishing there is a peaceful experience. When going on a fishing trip in the lower 48, it is usually a half hour from a city, people and technology. You really don’t get away. Fishing in Alaska would require you to go off the grid and experience true independence for a few days.
  • The number and the variety of the wildlife: There are a number of fish you could look for on an Alaskan fishing expedition. There are king salmon, pink salmon, Chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, silver salmon and chum salmon, but that’s only one species of fish! There is also trout, halibut and cod to fish. In the lower 48, there’s still salmon, but not as many different varieties. There is always bass, trout and walleye to fish in closer areas of the country as well. In addition, fish aren’t the only animal you’ll see in Alaska; the other wildlife includes bears, sea otters, sea lions, whales and eagles. It’s a change in scenery from the deer, raccoons, birds and rabbits we see elsewhere.
  • The length of the trip: A trip to Alaska is a once in a lifetime experience. To people who have a passion for fishing, Alaska is a dream. Fishers on an Alaskan fishing expedition will stay for a week and spend six to eight hours a day out on the water. If you don’t make the trip and instead stay closer to home, you usually can’t find an excuse to make your trip longer than a day. You have other responsibilities at home.

The experience you’ll get on an Alaskan fishing expedition will be unlike any other fishing experience you’ll have. When you start thinking you’d like to fish closer to home, think again.