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Be Prepared for Wintertime Fishing Excursions in Alaska: What to Wear to Stay Warm

Whether you are planning a trip to Alaska for a week-long fishing trip or boarding a boat for the time of your life sightseeing on the waters and shores of Alaska, it’s important that you dress right. Wear a t-shirt and shorts and you’re likely to succumb to the elements, but dress in appropriate winter attire for Alaskan weather and comfort will be your middle name. So, in general, what should you wear to stay warm throughout the duration of your trip? Let’s find out.

Here are some helpful tips for preparing for wintertime vacations and fishing excursions in Alaska.

Wear layers

Alaska winters are not just made up of chilling winds and snow storms, but it’s best to come wearing three primary layers of clothing—an inner layer, an insulating layer and an outer layer:

  • Your inner layer should consist of a mid- to heavyweight wool or wool-like fabric—never cotton. Get this material in a long-sleeve top, and also invest in a good pair of long underwear. Make sure this layer fits snug to your body shape.
  • An insulating layer is a top only that’s slightly looser in order to fit over your base layer. Wear something mid-weight, preferably a pile jacket or a soft fleece.
  • The outer layer is the most important layer, because this is the layer that covers all your other layers and, therefore, must be weather resistant. Wear a down or synthetic down parka and go for insulated, waterproof snow pants for added warmth over your long underwear. This cover layer is the clothing you can remove should you start warming up.

Invest in boots and other warm clothing

  • Winter boots are a must for your trip to Alaska. Get waterproof and weatherproof boots rated at -20 to -40 to stay on the safe side, along with pairing them with proper socks and toe warmers.
  • Keep your fingers and hands warm all day long with a combination of mittens over gloves. This is an effective way to save your fingers from freezing, but having gloves on underneath allows for removing mittens to take photos.
  • Protect your face, ears and head from the frigid cold winter temperatures with a hat or beanie and a balaclava (similar to a ski mask). Frostbite is all too real, so wearing these items is a must.
  • If you plan on fishing from the Alaskan shores this winter, plan on keeping the snow off of your clothing with a pair of properly fitting gaiters. Wading through deep snow unprotected will chill you quickly, but gaiters will keep the snow from getting into boots to bite your toes.

Cold weather doesn’t have to be scary. When you follow these suggestions, it won’t be hard to stay warm and dry on your winter vacation to Alaska. If you are interested in joining us on one of our exciting and memorable fishing excursions in Alaska this winter, give us a call at Phantom Tri-River Charters today.