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Best Time of Year To Go Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is a natural wonder of this country and is considered one of the top destinations for fishing in the world. In fact, Alaska offers year-round fishing opportunities. To ensure your Alaskan fishing excursion is as successful as possible, it is helpful to know the best time of year to plan a fishing charter in Alaska. Let’s learn a little more about the fishing season in Alaska.

Best Time of Year To Fish in Alaska

The best time of year to fish in Alaska freshwater is spring through November. The best time of year to fish in Alaska saltwater is May through September. Further, most fish species are the most active in the morning, making it the best time to fish in Alaska.

Peak Fishing Season in Alaska by Fish Species

The best time of year to plan an Alaskan fishing trip will be heavily based on the fish species. Some species are more predominant during certain times of the year. Here is a look at the peak fishing season times for some of the most popular Alaskan fish.

  • Salmon – Peak fishing season for salmon is between May and November. There are multiple species ready for the taking. King Salmon fishing will begin in May, followed by Silver Salmon in July through November. You can also fish for Red Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, and other species at different times of the summer.
  • Rainbow Trout – Common in Alaska, rainbow trout fishing season begins in May, although the peak season is June through September. These fish tend to be found in rivers, streams, some lakes, and the tributaries of lakes.
  • Arctic Grayling – Arctic Grayling should be sought after from May through September when there is no ice present on the water. These are small fish found in freshwater and have a large dorsal fin. They are typically found in small streams, although they are also in some larger rivers.
  • Northern Pike – North Pike are among the more popular fish species in freshwater. With big teeth, these fish can reach up to 50 inches! They can be found in rivers and lakes throughout the state of Alaska year-round. This is the ideal fish for fishermen looking to partake in traditional fishing or ice fishing.
  • Halibut – The fishing season for Halibut begins in March and runs through November. The peak season is between May and September. They are found on almost all offshore water sources, which means a fishing charter will be necessary when fishing for Halibut in Alaska.

Ready to Tackle the Alaskan Waters?

Alaska offers ample opportunities for fishermen year-round. Before scheduling your trip, make sure that the fish you seek will be in abundant supply, as there are peak times for certain types of fish. For more information about fishing in Alaska or to schedule your fishing charter trip, contact us at Phantom Tri-Rivers Charters in Talkeetna, AK.