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Fishing Licenses in Alaska: What You Need to Know

You’re all ready for your upcoming Alaskan fishing trip. You have already booked your spot on a fishing charter and packed a durable pair of non-slip boots and lucky lure. But there won’t be much fishing happen if you forget one very important thing: your fishing license. The state of Alaska requires each angler to carry one license for each calendar year.

There are three different types of licenses available: sport, personal use and subsistence. Those travelling to Alaska specifically to fish will need either a sport or personal use license. Licenses are required for all anglers over the age of 16 and must be on their person when fishing regardless of whether it is from the shore or on a licensed charter. You could find yourself facing severe fines and penalties if you were to be caught fishing without a license.

Luckily, non-residents can purchase a fishing license practically anywhere, from online to the grocery store just down the street from your hotel. The cost of the license will depend on the amount of time it is valid. A one-day license is $25 per person, while a three-day license can be purchased for $45. You might want to consider purchasing the seven-day license for $140 if you’re planning to stay for a while. Those expecting to fish multiple times in one year should invest in an annual pass at a cost of $145.

An additional stamp is required for those intending to fish for king salmon. King salmon fishing is only available through July 13, so be sure to speak to Phantom Tri-River Charters ahead of time if this is a can’t miss catch for you. State law sets a limit for the amount of king salmon per person. Any salmon you catch over the established amount will have to be released back into the water.

Take the time to obtain and read the most recent edition of the Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations before you head out for your fishing expedition. Look for any restrictions or rules pertaining to the area where you will be fishing. Don’t fret about this too much, though, as the guide on your Alaskan fishing charter will provide you with any vital information on the day of your expedition.

Fishing licenses and a king salmon stamp can be purchased at our office when you arrive for your Alaskan fishing charter. We’ll also provide the equipment for spin fishing. Fly fishing equipment is also available on request as long as you let us know during the booking of your fishing trip.

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