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Fishing Lures: Which Ones Are the Best for Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska?


Some fishermen use live bait, while others prefer to use or have more success fishing with lures. If fishing for salmon using lures is what you fancy, then your success depends on a few things: the time of year, your fishing destination/location and using the right type of lure for salmon fishing.

A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait designed to look desirable to fish. No live bait is used—just the lure accessory attached to the line. The fishing lures that see the most success are the ones that mimic the movement, flash, vibration and color of delicious bait. It’s for this reason that you want to use lures that will attract the fish you want to catch. Many types of lures have one or more hooks used to hook the fish when they bite down. Other lures are simply in play to attract fish, then the fish are either speared or caught by hand.

So, which fishing lures are the best for salmon fishing trips in Alaska? Let’s find out what the professionals recommend!

Silver spoons

Freshwater salmon fishing is quite an experience—especially if you hook a fish. The best way to up your chances of catching a salmon is to use a spoon lure, which is considered to be one of the most effective lures for catching species of salmon like coho and chinook. Spoon lures are concave, oblong ovals attached to a hook. The spoon (oblong part) is often made of reflective or painted metal meant to resemble a small fish or mimic prey fish movements.


Another highly recommended salmon fishing lure is called a spinner, also known as spinnerbait. Lures in the spinner category have different designs, but their one or more reflective metal blades—which spin around as the lure is reeled in—is the one feature all spinner lure designs share. It looks and moves like a little fish, and the spinners create vibrations in the water that grab the attention of salmon.

Plugs (solid and wobbling)

Plugs are solid, stiff lures with hooks decorated with reflective paint to make them look like small fish. Plugs, especially wobbling plugs, are effective for salmon fishing. Wobbling lures are made of two separate pieces connected by a hinge that allows them to flick back and forth when reeled in. This draws the fish’s attention toward the lure.

Fishing lure colors

The type of lure you choose for salmon fishing is important, but so is the color. For depths of up to 50 feet, all colors are typically visible and work well for salmon fishing. When you are fishing in deeper waters, below 50 feet, select greens, purples and blues, or get an ultraviolet or glow lure.

Once you decide to book salmon fishing trips in Alaska, be sure to gather all the necessary fishing gear, or find out from the fishing charter company if the gear will be supplied for the duration of your trip. Call Phantom Tri-River Charters to book your trip today!