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Five Steps for Proper Fishing Preparation in Alaska

Are you planning a boating trip? When boating or fishing, it’s crucial to be prepared. Proper boating preparation in Alaska can mean the difference between a fun, successful trip and a disaster. Failure to complete fishing preparation in Alaska typically results in a poor catch and disappointed fishermen.

What steps should you take to prepare for your outing? Take these steps along the docks as you make your boating preparations in Alaska.


Before you head out to sea, be sure all your documentation is in order. You should have the proper boating license, registration and insurance. If you’re using someone else’s boat, make sure they have appropriate insurance to cover your voyage.

To obtain a license and registration, simply go online and complete the appropriate form. This process for registering is quick and easy. It’s also a must to avoid fines, so don’t skip it.


What gear will you be bringing along on your fishing trip? Don’t leave behind any essentials. Get everything organized before you go. Include extra rods, reels, line and tackle. Don’t forget extra fuel for the boat, too. Be sure to bring a first aid kit and plenty of water.

Arrange your gear on the boat in a manner that makes sense for the order in which you’ll need it and to provide easy accessibility. This requires a bit of time for fishing preparation in Alaska, but it will be well worth it once you’re in the middle of a catch.


What should you count on? Bad weather. This isn’t about having a positive or negative attitude. It’s simply wise to be prepared for the bad weather that may occur. Dress in layers, bring a jacket, and pack some extra clothes in a waterproof duffel bag just in case. Keep in mind that the temperature on the water is much cooler than on the shore, and it’s often windier out there than on land.


Where do you plan to do on your boating voyage? Learn the layout of the area ahead of time. Know what to expect around the shore line and along the route you plan to take. This will help reduce the chances of hazardous incidents or other unexpected disasters.


Plan the meals for your fishing trip before you leave. Bring surplus food so you don’t run short on supplies. Keep in mind that many foods can spoil quickly, so choose your menu wisely and pack a solid cooler. If you’re planning a longer boating trip, spend plenty of time on these food preparations so you don’t end up stuck at sea without food or water if things don’t go as planned.

Get More Tips

Fishing preparation in Alaska is not difficult if you know what you’re doing. For more tips from experienced fishermen, contact the experts at Phantom Tri-River Charters. We’ve been the go-to source for help with boating preparation in Alaska for over 25 years. We can give you insider tips and help you plan a successful trip. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule your next charter.