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Great Practical Gift Ideas to Consider Before a Fishing Trip in Alaska This Spring

Gift giving is easy for some people, while others struggle through gift shopping anxiety. But when it comes to shopping for someone with a diehard hobby, like fishing, present hunting can sometimes seem even more difficult because you don’t want to disappoint. Unless you know the type of gear they need or brands they prefer, it’s best to stick to shopping for basic, useful fishing related items.

With the spring season already upon us, fishermen from all over are preparing for weekend and even weeks-long fishing excursions. Let us help you find the best practical gifts for the fisherman in your life before that big fishing trip in Alaska this spring:

  • Hats and sunglasses: Yes, there’s sun in Alaska, especially during the warmer seasons like spring. Since it’s an outdoor activity, when out fishing, it’s important to protect skin and eyes from harsh ultraviolet rays. Get your fisherman a brimmed bucket hat with tie strings— there’s lots of wind on the water—and a pair of polarized sunglasses to avert water surface glare.
  • Tackle bag: Traditional tackle boxes are made of heavy-duty metal or plastic, complete with many compartments to hold bait and gear. These days, the modern fisherman may enjoy a wearable, easily maneuverable tackle bag made of waterproof materials. Because it has shoulder straps and a carrying handle, a tackle bag can keep up with the constant location changes that happen with shore fishing.
  • Waterproof angler’s pack: Like a backpack, but for fishermen, a pack designed with anglers in mind can either be used similarly to a tackle bag or as an all-purpose pack. A fisherman can pack tackle trays, fishing blades and tools, bottled water, spare gear, bug spray, sunscreen, extra clothes, a phone, a camera and even lunch.
  • Clothing items: The weather in Alaska can change quickly from warm days to cooler evenings—those who camp while fishing know this well. Gifting a fisherman a proper and versatile fishing wardrobe will keep them comfortable throughout their fishing trip in Alaska, so shop for gifts like face masks, bandanas, flannel-fleece shirts and jackets, a raincoat, water-resistant fishing pants and multi-pocketed vests.
  • Gift cards: Giving a fisherman gift cards to shop for what they want at their favorite fishing store is a wonderful present. They will be like a kid in a candy store.
  • Book a fishing tour: Planning a springtime Alaskan fishing tour is a fantastic present. And when you book through a company like Phantom Tri-River Charters, every part of your tour is already planned for you and the gift recipient will undoubtedly experience all that the Alaskan wilderness has to offer.

Whether you are giving fishing gear or a fishing tour, that special fisherman will be delighted to be on the water casting a line. At Phantom Tri-River Charters, our goal is to provide you with enough adventure to satisfy you until your next itch for a fishing trip in Alaska comes around. Contact us today to book a fishing expedition or to receive more information.