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Here Are Essential Items You Really Need to Stock Up On

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, it’s time for people to hunker down and quarantine themselves at home. News outlets are reporting on shoppers hoarding toilet paper and paper towels for the quarantine. Trust us, that’s not necessary! People need to think ahead and spend their money on things they’ll actually need when they’re stuck inside. The list below is items that are essential for quarantine in Alaska:

  • Dry goods: Beans, rice, pasta, cereal and nuts will last in the pantry for months (if not years) without going bad. Get a few boxes of each and store them in the pantry for future use.
  • Fresh food: As long as your fridge still works, you might as well pick up some fresh meat and produce when you’re at the store. Try to pick out fruits and vegetables that will last for a while before going bad. Keep in mind that meat can always be frozen if you don’t think you’ll get to it in time.
  • Canned food: Canned fruits and veggies certainly aren’t as tasty as the ones from the produce aisle, but they last a lot longer. Along with getting your favorite canned goods, consider picking up a few cans of soup.
  • Frozen food: You can find many of the items essential for quarantine in Alaska in the frozen food aisles. If you have room in the freezer, get some frozen vegetables—they taste better than canned goods—and maybe some frozen pizzas as a treat.
  • Snacks: Chips, candy and other snacks certainly aren’t essential for your diet, but having them in the pantry will make your time indoors more enjoyable!
  • Coffee/tea: They’re not necessarily essential quarantine items in Alaska, but if you need some caffeine to start your day, now’s the time to get your preferred coffee or tea.
  • Water: We should be fine drinking clean water straight from the tap during the COVID-19 crisis. However, it might not be a bad idea to stock up on bottled water just in case.
  • Soap: Our best defense against the coronavirus is good old hand soap. Be sure to have a few bottles on hand and to wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.
  • Medication: Pharmacies should remain open, but you don’t want to get caught without your medicine. You should have at least two weeks’ worth of prescription and over-the-counter medications on hand to last through a quarantine.
  • Baby supplies: Parents with little ones will need to have plenty of baby and toddler supplies. Be sure you’re stocked up on diapers, formula or baby food and any other products your kids will need.
  • Chargers: Everyone in your family will want to have their cellphones, laptops and tablets on hand throughout the quarantine. Make sure you have chargers for all of those items!

On top of buying all of the essential quarantine items in Alaska, be sure to pack these items for your next Alaskan fishing charter. When it comes to both quarantine and fishing trips, knowing what to have on hand makes all the difference!