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Learn About Our Fishing Charters at Alaska Sportsman Shows!

Phantom Tri-River Charters is attending the Anchorage Sportsman Show from March 30 through April 2, and the Great Alaska Sportsman Show from April 21 to April 23. This is a chance to learn more about our Alaskan fishing charters and see what we offer to beginners and advanced anglers alike. Here is what you can learn and do when you visit our booth:

  • See our extensive service list: Our services go beyond just boarding a boat and throwing hooks into the water. We offer diverse expeditions for the vacationer and serious angler alike. Even if you do not believe you will ever fish again and simply want this one experience, we still treat you with excellent customer service. Our heated and covered boats will make this fun for even the least outdoorsy types and we accommodate reservations and walk-ins. This is a great chance to get to know us and get a feel for what we do!
  • Ask questions: Sometimes, a frequent visitor at these shows is the seasoned angler who has guests coming in from out of town. They often want to be sure that our charters are appropriate for them and that everything will run smoothly. Sometimes, people feel more comfortable talking face to face than making a telephone call or filling out an Internet form that seems to go into a void. The sportsman shows offer a great opportunity for interaction and for us to gain your confidence.
  • Check fishing seasons: If you are looking for the best time to pursue King Salmon or Arctic Char, we can show you when our boats depart. Even seasoned anglers need additional assistance, which is why they will hire a charter for difficult species rather than waste money and time going out on their own. There are also people who inquire about weather and what they can catch on the best days of spring or summer. We are more than happy to help you choose the best time to fish with us, whether that means a particular species or the chances of good weather.
  • See our accommodations: Our heated and covered boats are often considered our best amenity. It makes a big difference when a rain deluge hits or temperatures quickly drop with wind accompanying them. Being protected from the elements makes non-anglers more willing to accompany us because they can enjoy the scenery while remaining warm and dry. Our booth contains pictures of our boats, so you can see their advantages for yourseld.
  • Make reservations: If you are impressed enough to want to fish with us right away, we can make reservations at the show. Visitors often see that a favorite fish species is available on their first free weekend and want to book now. We can accommodate that by taking your information and holding a place for you.

See what our Alaskan fishing charters offer by visiting Phantom Tri-River Charters at this season’s sportsman shows. We look forward to meeting you and being part of your fishing adventures.