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Must Have Fishing Gear 2022

Here at Phantom Tri-River Charters, we help people get the must have the fishing gear they need to get out onto the water like a pro. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are properly equipped with the gear you require to take on the waters and get out there in ways you hadn’t been able to before. Today, we will look at some tackle tox recommendations and help you know what you need to carry with you if you want to explore the open waters the right way.

Insect Repellent Lotion

Let’s start with the basic fact that you will be highly uncomfortable on the water if you don’t bring some insect repellent with you. Insects are attracted to bodies of water, and you need to equip yourself with repellent products to keep them off you. When done properly, fishing is something that lasts for several hours. Thus, you need to prepare yourself for the reality that you will be out on the water for a considerable amount of time. Insect repellent lotion will help keep you more comfortable moving forward.

First Aid Kit

It is easy to get injured when dealing with any outdoor activity. If you have a first aid kit available, you can take care of the minor injuries that may occur while you are out on the water. When you get a small injury that you can take care of yourself, it is great to know that you have a first aid kit that will allow you to do just that. It will save you from having to go to a more expensive facility just to get treated. You can save money and protect your health all at the same time, but only if you invest in getting a first aid kit that you keep with you when fishing.

Fishing Line, Gloves, and Pliers

Keep the basics of fishing on board your boat whenever you go out. Your line may be all set up and ready to go, but it could also sustain some damage while you are out there. Instead of taking a chance on it, why not just keep extra sets of supplies at the ready in your boat? That is what many professionals do. They want to ensure they have what they need to reset their line and get things ready to go as necessary.

Your fishing line, gloves, and pliers are some basics that should always be with you whenever you get on board your boat. They will help keep you safe from running out of supplies out there.

LED Headlamp

Finally, don’t forget to bring an LED headlamp with you. Weather conditions can change rapidly out on the water, and it is best to have something to help you find your way back to the shore. In an emergency, an LED headlamp is a great way to be seen by rescuers. Hopefully, it never comes to that, but it is better to have one on board than not. LED headlamps are also great for everyday use out on the boat to better see what you are looking at when the skies get dark.