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Planning for Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

Peak fishing ends after November, but Phantom Tri-River Charters offers tours all year round. There is no need to wait until salmon season starts again in May, as we are willing to help you pursue other types of impressive fish. However, with the winter weather in mind, you will need to come prepared. Here is a planning guide to taking an Alaskan fishing trip:

  • Pick a species: Knowing what you want to fish, if you have a preference, starts the ball rolling on your plans. You want to know any season limitations first. Visiting Alaska only to discover your preferred species is not available for harvest means wasted expense and disappointment. The species will also determine the location for your fishing trip and needed lodging. Since this can be overwhelming, especially to new anglers, another option is to hire a charter and follow their advice on what to fish. Keeping options open is critical during the winter due to species availability.
  • Consider tackle thoroughly: If you are hiring a charter, you will likely use the gear provided. However, you can inquire about bringing your own, especially if you have a preferred fly rod or other similar equipment. If you go this route, see what the fish are biting. It will not be the same flies and lures that are effective in your home lakes and rivers. Also check that your equipment is durable enough. Rainbow trout grow much bigger in Alaska, and you will need line and rod that can handle them. Bring a variety of rods and reels if you are not quite sure what you will need.
  • Lodging: Check and confirm any lodging arrangements. Double check before you leave on your trip to assure that there is no double-booking or other circumstances that could send you looking for alternatives. The time to find other arrangements is not when you have a dark winter night quickly descending on you. It is best to find new quarters when you are still at home and under less pressure.
  • Pay attention to developments: Your fishing trip could be cancelled due to road and weather issues. If you see questionable weather coming up or hear something on the news, contact your lodging and charter connections immediately. This is especially important if some of your travel involves isolated areas, so if you are in doubt, it may be best to reschedule. Some airlines will accommodate you if you must cancel a flight due to weather issues.

If you are new to fishing in Alaska, working with a charter is likely the most efficient and safest option. Not only is appropriate equipment and bait provided, but many companies maintain connections with surrounding lodges so you are not left without accommodations. Getting a referral may prove the best way to have some type of guarantee.

To take an Alaskan fishing trip at any time of the year, contact Phantom Tri-River Charters. We offer heated boats and other amenities to make your trip memorable and enjoyable!