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Preparing Your Alaskan Fishing Trip Catch

If you visit us in the summer months for your Alaskan fishing trip, you will likely have salmon filets to spare. Even if you only catch a couple large fish, it is likely you may feel overwhelmed figuring out how to cook them. Here are seven salmon preparation ideas to get you started on your savory quarry:

  • Get it smoked: One of your easiest options is to have a game processor smoke your catch. Not only does it taste good on its own or with crackers and cream cheese, but it makes the meat easier to get home. Seal it well in a Styrofoam shipping container and check it with your luggage. You will arrive home with your tasty snack, along with great memories of the trip.
  • Herbs and spices: Salmon has a strong flavor, so it does not require much help. Herbs and spices act to enhance the taste rather than change it. Almost any herb combination, whether it’s an Italian herb mix or a dash of dill, will work with olive oil and citrus juice. Many recipes also feature salmon in a pesto glaze, which will give you a dinner to remember.
  • Citrus: We are all familiar with lemon accompanying fish, but lime works well, too. There are even sweet-and-sour recipes that use orange juice. You will want to use just enough juice to match other flavoring, but be careful to not overpower the natural flavor of the fish.
  • Breadcrumbs: There are people out there who prefer their fish breaded in fish-and-chips style. Start with an egg wash or a mustard-mayo mixture before coating in breadcrumbs. Panko crumbs work well, too, if you prefer a lighter breading. Bake or fry in olive oil to enjoy a more mature version of your childhood fish sticks.
  • Butter: Very few foods fail to benefit from butter, and salmon is no exception. Mix it into a glaze with Creole seasoning, black pepper or lemon zest, depending on the flavor you wish to enjoy. Not only will it mix with the salmon juices in delectable fashion, but you can also enjoy the extra sauce with bread or rice.
  • Yogurt-based sauces: Light cream sauces with dill are popular with salmon for a reason, but using yogurt as a base opens up your possibilities. Mixing in curry powder can add in spice without overwhelming other flavors. Creating a crème fraiche will help you create an elegant dish without expending too much effort.
  • Marinades: Choose a marinade with sugar and it will caramelize beautifully with the salmon. The nice thing about marinades and glazes is that you can usually make them with whatever ingredients you happen to have lying around. Mustard, soy sauce and honey all offer a different flavor dimension to your marinade. Mix them with olive oil and you will only be limited by your imagination.

Phantom Tri-River Charters can take you on an Alaskan fishing trip that will leave you plenty to cook afterwards. Book with us today!