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Summer Fishing Is Here! Tips for Catching Your First Salmon

Of all the fish you can find and catch in the great state of Alaska, salmon may be the most prized. Not only is the fish plentiful during the summer months, but it’s also undeniably delicious. Of course, as valuable a trophy as a nice, juicy salmon can be, the fish are craftier than you might think. For first-time anglers headed out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, here are some salmon fishing tips in Alaska.

Make sure your tools are ready

There’s a lot of prep you can do before you even set foot on the boat. Easily the most important thing you can do is make sure you have everything you need, and that it’s in good working condition.

Make sure your rod and rig are in good working order. Check for potential maintenance problems a few weeks in advance so you have time to fix them. Finally, make sure you sharpen your hooks before you head out. Salmon have notoriously thick skin. If your hook isn’t able to pierce it, then you’ll go home empty-handed.

Use glamorous bait

Of all the tips for catching salmon in Alaska you might hear, make sure you listen to this one: the bait you pick is extremely important. For years, most expert fishers have recommended using roe (small eggs) to attract salmon. Now, however, the preference is trending toward using cut bait, small strips of fish like cut herring or smelt.

Bait alone isn’t enough. Salmon swim in deep, dark waters. If you want a salmon to spot you through all that murk, you have to attach something that will flash in the water, something that will catch their eye.

Relying on red line

When you’re on the hunt for a fish that lives near the surface of the water, the color of bait you use is largely immaterial. When you’re trying to trick a salmon onto your line, however, consider going with a red line. About 15 feet below the water, the red line becomes invisible. That helps your bait look more lifelike in the water, which improves your odds of hooking a salmon.

Picking the right time and day

Another critical factor of salmon fishing is to reduce the salmon’s ability to see properly. One way you can do this is to strike at the right time. Turn the time of day to your advantage by fishing at dawn or dusk. If that’s impossible, try to get on the water on a mostly overcast day.

Get your salmon

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