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The Breathtaking Journey of Chum Salmon Runs: Nature’s Marvel Unveiled

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The Breathtaking Journey of Chum Salmon Runs: Nature’s Marvel Unveiled

Salmon runs are one of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena that occur in our world’s rivers and streams. Among the various species of salmon, the journey of chum salmon stands out as a breathtaking display of determination and resilience. In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable journey of chum salmon runs and unravel the marvels of nature at play.

1. Understanding Chum Salmon:

Chum salmon, scientifically known as Oncorhynchus keta, are a species of Pacific salmon that inhabit coastal waters of the North Pacific Ocean. They are known for their distinctive appearance, with olive-green bodies and dark vertical bands on their sides. Chum salmon are an anadromous species, meaning they are born in freshwater, migrate to the ocean to mature, and then return to their natal rivers to reproduce.

2. The Start of the Journey:

Chum salmon begin their incredible journey in freshwater rivers and streams where they were hatched. These pristine spawning grounds provide the ideal environment for the salmon to lay their eggs or “spawn.” The females dig shallow nests called “redds” in the gravel beds, releasing their eggs while males release their milt to fertilize them. This process ensures the continuation of the species and sets the stage for the magnificent chum salmon runs.

3. Migration to the Open Ocean:

Once the eggs are fertilized, the chum salmon fry emerge and start their arduous migration to the open ocean. They instinctively navigate downstream, facing numerous obstacles such as fast-flowing currents, predatory birds, and lurking predators. This incredible journey can span hundreds, if not thousands of miles, and can take several months for the fry to reach the saltwater estuaries.

4. Maturing in the Open Ocean:

Chum salmon spend several years in the open ocean, feeding and growing to maturity. During this time, they travel vast distances in search of abundant food sources, feeding on plankton, shrimp, and small fish. The ocean phase of their life cycle is crucial for their development and prepares them for the upcoming journey back to their natal rivers.

5. The Epic Journey:

After several years in the ocean, chum salmon undergo an astonishing transformation as they prepare to return to their natal rivers to spawn. Guided by their remarkable sense of smell, the adult chum salmon embark on an epic journey, swimming against powerful currents, leaping over waterfalls, and overcoming obstacles in their path. This upstream migration can be physically demanding, as their bodies undergo changes to prepare for the spawning process.

6. The Spectacular Spawning Event:

Upon reaching their natal rivers, the female chum salmon prepare the redds, carefully depositing their eggs in the gravel beds. The male chum salmon are not far behind, fiercely competing for the opportunity to mate with the females. The energy and intensity of the spawning event is truly remarkable to witness, as the females diligently guard their redds against predators, and the males fiercely defend their territories.

7. Ensuring the Survival of the Species:

After the spawning event, the chum salmon’s life cycle comes to an end. Exhausted from their journey and the reproductive efforts, they succumb to their instincts and perish. However, their legacy lives on as the eggs laid by the females and fertilized by the males provide the next generation of chum salmon. These eggs will incubate in the gravel beds throughout the winter months, eventually hatching into fry and perpetuating the cycle anew.


The journey of chum salmon runs is a breathtaking marvel of nature that showcases the determination and resilience of these remarkable fish. From the freshwater spawning grounds to the arduous migration to the open ocean and back again, chum salmon navigate treacherous obstacles and unforgiving environments. Their epic journey ensures the continuity of their species and reminds us of the extraordinary wonders that unfold within our natural world. So, the next time you witness a chum salmon run or any salmon run, take a moment to appreciate and marvel at the breathtaking spectacle that nature has to offer.

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