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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Fishing in Saltwater

Looking for a new hobby that’s going to take you on both a relaxing journey and a fun adventure at the same time? If that doesn’t sound possible to you, then you just haven’t tried fishing.

The relaxing part about fishing is that you get to be surrounded by nature, and bask in the peace and quiet for the most part. That’s because, as you will soon learn, you need to be quiet and still in order not to scare off the fish that could come to your bait. Meanwhile, the exciting part comes when you do get a bite, and you start reeling that fish in, so you can get your trophy photo.

There are many different kinds of fishing, but if you would prefer to do it in the open waters, then saltwater fishing is what you should do. Here are some helpful beginner tips for fishing saltwater, so you can make the most of your time out there.

Know Your Fish

The first thing you need to learn about saltwater fishing is the kind of fish that you would like to target. This is because this information will dictate what kind of gear you’ll need, as well as the best spot for you to fish. 

Do you prefer going after big game anglers, or are you good with getting redfish or seatrout? How about some deep sea fishing for tuna or marlin? 

Learning about the fish you want to catch also gives you an advantage because you know their habits, when they’re likely to be in a certain area, as well as what makes it easy to catch them. In short, the more you know about them, the more efficient you can be with your fishing activities.

Know Your Gear

As mentioned above, your gear will depend on the type of fish you will get. Apart from the lures and baits, and fishing rods and reels, you also need to consider the kind of boat you will use.

If you want to do deep sea fishing, then you will need a larger boat because the fish in the deep sea tend to be much bigger. Deep sea fishing also means you’ll need to go farther out, so you’ll definitely need a larger boat for safety in choppy waters. 

But the most important “gear” you need before you set out to do all of that is your saltwater fishing license. That’s right, you need a valid saltwater fishing license first. Don’t worry, though, because it’s very easy to get one.

Just go online to purchase a license from your local state fish and wildlife agency. Each state will have varying requirements, so make sure to check which ones apply to your location. You can also get your license from a registered fishing license agent, as well as outdoor sporting goods stores. 

Choose Your Spot

Last but not least, you need to choose your spot. Again, this relies on the information you have about your preferred type of fish. The activity itself can be a long waiting game, and sometimes, you don’t get any bite at all. But at least you get to spend a good time out in the water.

If you want to make the most out of your boat trip, know about the fish movements or patterns in behavior that could prove helpful to you. 

These are but a few important details on what to know to fish saltwater. Don’t hesitate to read up some more and ask questions from those with experience, so you can be a pro, too!