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Three Reasons to Book a Fishing Charter to Alaska Today!

a small boat in a body of water

Fishing season is upon us and it’s time for you to dig out your tackle box, dust off your rod and start thinking about where you want to cast your lure. The local lakes, rivers and ponds may be opening up again for the season, but why not take your talents somewhere a bit more adventurous this year? Have you ever considered a fishing charter to Alaska?

If you’ve never really thought about fishing in the Alaskan wilderness, now is the time to consider it! But, beyond just buying a plane ticket and packing your angler’s cap, it’s important to sign up for a charter—a service that will help you to experience Alaskan fishing for all that it can be. Why do you need the help of a charter service, even though you’re an experienced angler? Take a look at the top three reasons:

  1. Unfamiliar waters: A good fishing spot is a good fishing spot, right? Wrong! The reason a good fishing spot is considered to be so is because someone has scoped that location out, tested the waters and cast their line. Just like you might be wary of fishing outside of your usual spot at home, fishing in Alaska can pose much of the same trouble—if you’re not sure where the fish are biting, it can be hard to enjoy your time on the water. A fishing charter in Alaska will be able to position you in prime spots, giving you the best shot at reeling in a keeper.
  2. Prepare for adventure: Let’s face it, a fishing charter is about more than just the fish—it’s about experiencing a brand new destination for all that it can be. You’re not going to be staring intently at the water for the duration of your fishing trip: you’re going to be looking around, taking in the scenery and enjoying the world around you while you wait for a bite. A fishing charter service will make sure that you see the finest scenery the State has to offer while you wait for a tug on your line!
  3. Meet new people: It can be relaxing to take a boat out by yourself, cast a solitary line and spend the day in silence… for some people. For others, it’s all about the human experience—fishing with friends, both new and old, is a way to pass the time and truly enjoy it. Through a fishing charter in Alaska, you’re liable to meet some great new friends, with whom you can share a beer, some good conversation and hopefully, the catch of the day.

If the idea of a fishing charter to Alaska is sounding better and better by the moment, make sure you reserve your spot today! Phantom Tri-River Charters is here to ensure that you have the very best fishing experience—from the alluring scenery of the Alaskan wilderness, to meeting new friends and fellow fishermen as you cast your line and attempt to bring home a winner.