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We’re Back in Season for Fishing Excursions in Alaska!

At Phantom Tri-River Charters, we offer fishing excursions in Alaska all year round, but salmon fishing season goes from May to November. This is our peak time and a great opportunity for you to enjoy this iconic element of Alaska. You can book online, call us for a reservation or even show up and see if there are any spots on a boat available. Before you get involved in one of our excursions, here is what you need to know:

  • Weather may be interesting: Alaska weather can have multiple personalities. A day that starts off sunny and 60 degrees could later produce a light snow shower. Spring does not necessarily mean warm, but it does not continuously threaten freezer-cold temperatures, either. Dress in layers so you are prepared for anything, and bring rain gear just in case. Weather is a better-safe-than-sorry element here on the river.
  • You can bring snacks and some alcoholic beverages: If you can confine your snacks and beverages to a small cooler, you are free to bring them along. We allow you to bring beer or wine, but no hard alcohol. If you had a bit too much fun at your lodge bar and are intoxicated, do not bother showing up for a river excursion. We do not accommodate inebriated patrons.
  • Boats are heated and covered: There is protection from the elements on our boats. You can get out from the rain or snow and find access to heat when it is time to take a break and warm up. This will not amount to the same comfort as an indoor environment, so do not see this as a chance to keep your outdoor clothes at your lodge or hotel. Consider these features a break from the weather when you need it.
  • There is sun glare: Your eyes will get tired on the river if you do not bring polarized sunglasses. Fortunately, you can buy a pair at an affordable price at most outdoors stores. This is an investment that will make your excursion much more comfortable.
  • Do not forget your fishing license: Fishing without a license in Alaska comes with a fine that may cost more than all the expenses of your Alaska trip put together. You can purchase a license online before you go, or buy it at our office. No matter what you choose, do not board our boat without one. It is not worth taking a chance.
  • Your experience will be fantastic: Boat operators know exactly where to go so your chances of a good catch increase. It will also not matter if you are experienced or if this is your first fishing trip. We provide both gear and guidance, so you do not have to be a seasoned pro to enjoy this adventure. However, even the most experienced anglers enjoy our trips because they get an opportunity to learn more about the river—and perhaps land that trophy salmon.

Phantom Tri-River Charters is very excited about starting a new season for fishing excursions in Alaska. Call us to book a trip or send us a message online.