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What to Bring on a Fishing Trip in Alaska

Alaska’s climate is known for being many things; “forgiving” is not one of them. If you are planning on joining an Alaskan fishing expedition this summer, you should be aware of the fact that even the summer weather can turn nasty on a dime.

If you’ve paid to join a chartered fishing trip, there’s nothing worse than not enjoying your experience because you’re dangerously cold and soaking wet. It’s important to understand the severities of Alaska’s climate and to prepare accordingly if you are planning to go on a chartered Alaskan fishing expedition this coming summer. Especially when on the open water, becoming too wet could leave you dangerously cold and susceptible to hypothermia and sickness.

While your fishing charter company will provide many of the essentials necessary to enjoy a day out on the Last Frontier’s scenic waters, you will most likely be responsible for bringing your own protective gear and personal effects. Here are just a few of the things that you should bring to be sure that you enjoy your time fishing in Alaska:

  • Rain gear: Break out your Gore-Tex: you’re going to need as much protection from the rain as you can possibly get. Even if it’s warm and sunny when your boat departs the harbor, you should still plan on it raining at some point during your expedition. Even if it doesn’t rain, a thick waterproof jacket, hood and pants can protect you from sea-spray.
  • Polarized sunglasses: Even during cloud cover, the sun can still cause substantial damage to your eyes while you are out on the open water. This is because light is reflected and refracted by the sea, lake or river you happen to be fishing in. You could risk the sun burning your eyes if you don’t carry polarized glasses.
  • Waders/gaiters: Rubber footwear, sometimes called waders, gaiters or Wellingtons, is essential to the success of your fishing trip. You may start out the day with cold, wet feet if you don’t have the proper protection for your feet and shoes. This could put a damper on your day, and end your trip early.
  • Insect repellent: It’s often joked that Alaska’s state bird is the mosquito. While this isn’t exactly true (the state bird is the willow ptarmigan), mosquitoes and other pests are far too common in the Last Frontier. That means that you should carry and use the strongest insect repellent you can find, or spend your entire fishing expedition fighting off bugs.

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