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What to Know Before You Go Fishing with Kids

Fishing with kids in Alaska is a great bonding experience. For a younger child, the excitement of getting a bite, hooking a fish and reeling it in is a memorable thrill that will last a lifetime. And the sense of accomplishment that comes with catching a big fish will delight any child, even the “coolest” of teenagers.

Alaska is a land rich with fish of many kinds, not to mention the natural splendor and beauty of the wilderness. So buckle up, because we’re going to get into some tips to prepare your kids for a great family fishing trip in Alaska.

Hype it up

A great way to get kids excited about a trip—especially if it involves activities they may not have experienced before—is to watch videos, look at photos and read stories about it to show them how much fun it can be. Getting a salmon on the line and reeling it in is an adrenaline rush, and even watching other anglers catch fish can be exciting as well. Before you know it, your kids will be hooked on fishing before even casting out a line!

Be realistic

Along with hyping up the excitement of fishing, it can be helpful for the overall experience to explain to your son or daughter more about the process of fishing. For example, there will be times where not much is going on, when you’re just waiting for the fish to bite, but they still need to pay attention and stay near their fishing pole to be ready for when the fish bite.

If you’re fishing with kids in Alaska on a boat, it’s a good idea to make sure your kids are ready for and comfortable with being on the water. If this is their first time on a boat, make sure to answer any questions they may have about it and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Ask questions

When fishing from a boat, there are some things that will be different from being on land—you won’t be able to duck into a coffee shop for hot chocolate and a bathroom break. Here are a few questions you can ask your captain while planning a family fishing trip in Alaska:

  • What are the bathrooms like? This will be helpful for not only kids but everyone who is going on the trip. Knowing what to expect can be helpful for making sure everyone is on the same page with preparing for the day.
  • How long is the trip? Kids might be ready to go before the trip is over, so knowing how long you’ll be out on the water can be helpful in planning for that moment.
  • What is the food situation? Kids are going to get hungry and thirsty (and they might just want to snack to fend off some boredom!). You may want to ask if there will be any food available on board and plan to bring some of your own if necessary.

When you’re ready to plan your family fishing trip in Alaska, contact Phantom Tri-River Charters to start making a lifetime of exciting and fun fishing memories today.