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When Is Fishing Season in Alaska?

The fishing season in Alaska lasts the entire year! While you cannot fish for all species all the time, you will always find something to pursue if you visit us for an angling adventure. The best time to fish in Alaska depends on what you hope to catch, and there is nothing but options. Here are the multiple answers to “When is the fishing season in Alaska?” so you can plan your trip:

  • Salmon: Salmon are popular catches for visitors, and many of our customers are itching to catch one. However, do not hope for this unless you plan to visit in the summer. Peak salmon fishing lasts from May to September. King salmon season starts in May, and silver salmon remains available until November. We run our salmon fishing trips from May to November, and they fill up quickly! If you seek salmon as your favorite catch, you cannot go wrong planning a summer or fall vacation.
  • Halibut and other deep-water ocean species: Perhaps you are more inclined toward fish and chips, which means catching halibut! Alaska offers world-class fishing for this bottom-feeding flat-headed species, and you can enjoy an ocean cruise as you pursue them. You can fish for them at the same time as salmon, from May through September. Other deep-water species include lingcod, rockfish and shark. If you cannot find a boat charter, find a guide who practices surfcasting and you may catch a few of these beauties from the shore. Many people are pleasantly surprised by the taste of rockfish and other species they never considered catching before visiting Alaska.
  • Other species: If you wish to escape the tourist masses, consider species living in the interior lakes and streams. Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden and rainbow trout are plentiful, and many grow to impressive trophy sizes. You are more likely to find larger fish sizes if you fish the Kenai River and Susitna River tributaries. Northern pike, burbot and Arctic char hang out around the Alaska road system if you want to take a leisurely drive and drop your pole where you see the right spot. You can pursue these fish in spring or even take an ice fishing trip in the winter, if you feel hardy enough! While our salmon trips are popular, we offer fishing excursions all year long and happily show off the lesser-known fishing holes.

To pursue these fish safely and successfully, consider hiring a guide. There are many fishing options in Alaska, and since it is wild here, you want to avoid unaccompanied trips. Also, be prepared for any weather by wearing layers, because even in summer, it is often unpredictable. There is no purpose in being miserable when you’re going fishing intending to enjoy yourself and escape the modern world.

Experience Alaska with Phantom Tri-River Charters. We know the best time to fish in Alaska, wherever you may wish to explore. Contact us today to book a trip with our experienced guides. Check out our gallery and be prepared for an adventure!