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When is The Best Time for Alaskan Salmon Fishing Trips?

a man holding a fish

If you are in the process of planning an Alaskan salmon fishing trip, you are probably wondering when you should plan on going. Timing isn’t always everything with fishing in Alaska—there are great opportunities to fish all year round in various parts of the state. However, you might want to ensure you are on the water during peak seasons for specific types of salmon, especially if you are a more experienced fisherman. Either way, you’re sure to get home with a huge amount of fish, but going during the right time helps ensure a huge bounty of exactly what you are looking for. Read ahead to see when the best times are for Alaskan salmon fishing trips.

Peak season—summer months into fall

Hopefully you are already considering visiting Alaska between May and October. These months, especially during the summer, offer great weather and practically a guarantee of fruitful fishing. Salmon are incredibly abundant during these months and you should have no trouble catching a ton of them, especially as you get into the warmest months. This means plenty of fish and great weather: most likely exactly what you are looking for.

King salmon fishing

Possibly, however, you could be looking to catch a specific type of salmon on your Alaskan salmon fishing trip: like king salmon. Early summer is incredible if you are looking for a huge variety of all types of fish and can be especially rewarding for inexperienced fisherman who love the idea of tying a bunch of different fish from a few different locations. It just so happens this also coincides with the best time for king salmon. Starting in late May and going to early July is informally considered the best time for king salmon fishing.

Sockeye, red salmon, pink chum, coho and silver

Some experienced fishermen who have already tackled the king salmon may be looking for something a little different. Well, June to late July is great for sockeye, mid-July to mid-August for red salmon or pink chum, and July to October for coho and silver. Any one of these types of salmon is great for inexperienced and experienced fisherman alike.

Location, location, location

Just remember with your planning as well—location matters just about as much as timing. Each river and part of the ocean is better during different parts of these seasons than others, but don’t worry about it too much, even a bad day will provide plenty of fish for the taking. A good day on the Kenai River might be at its peak in mid-July, but if you are a little early or a little late you will still go home with more fish than you know what to do with!

A great way to pick location is to research the Internet, but more importantly, speak to an expert fishing company that can help set your trip up and let them figure out the best locations for you. If your trip is all about fishing, then don’t hesitate to ask a professional.