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When Is the Best Time to Fish for Salmon?

For many fishers, salmon fishing in Alaska is the trip of a lifetime, something you’ll cherish for years to come. Nobody wants to think they’ll waste such a rare opportunity for a truly great fishing experience by missing a fundamental detail. When planning such a monumental experience, the first thing to consider is which time of year you’ll be visiting Alaska.

A fisher’s paradise

No matter what time of year you plan to visit Alaska, there’s always some fish to catch. When the state is plunged into winter, and the lakes are frozen over, there’s no better ice fishing to be found. In the fall, Alaska’s interior lakes and streams overflow with the Arctic grayling sailfish. Adventurous fishers can travel to the state’s coast during the heat of summer for world-class halibut fishing.

For those fishers seeking out salmon, however, the best time to fish for salmon falls between the early summer month of May and the early fall month of September.

Know where to go, and when

There are five different species of salmon to be found in North American waters. As you might expect, each of those species has different migratory and breeding habits. As a result, the most opportune moments to catch specific types of salmon vary from month to month.

As a result, if you know where to look throughout the state, you can find good salmon fishing through November.

King salmon like temperate waters

Arguably the most highly sought-after salmon in Alaska, the king salmon, is most commonly found in the early summer, during May.

When you’re on the water, consider doing most of your fishing a few hours on either side of the tidal change. Set your weight about two feet above the end of your line and then cast toward deeper water.

The laziest species of salmon

While silver salmon, pink salmon and chum salmon favor deep water, they also show a clear preference toward clear water, as well. If you’re fishing in a spot where a small stream connects to a murkier water flow, you should cast your line toward that spot, as the point where a small stream meets a bigger stream tends to produce a pocket of slow-moving, clear water.

These fish can be found throughout the salmon season, especially toward the end of the year.

The popular sockeye

The sockeye, or red salmon, is found during the heat of the summer swimming along shallow shorelines in search of food.

Sockeyes aren’t as aggressive as other kinds of salmon, so you’ll need to use patience and a method of fishing known as “flossing” to increase your odds.

Always the right choice

Regardless of the time of year you choose to go salmon fishing in Alaska, Phantom Tri-River Charters is committed to your satisfaction. Whether you’re headed out on one of our charter trips or you’re lounging in one of our covered, heated boats, Phantom Tri-River Charters strives to make your Alaskan fishing trip something to remember.

Our knowledgeable team has spent years of their lives fishing in Alaskan waters, and now they’re ready to impart that expertise on our valued guests. We provide some of the best fishing trips to be found in the Land of the Midnight Sun. For the intrepid fisher, we offer drop-off services, as well.

Don’t have a reservation? It’s not a problem. We can still accommodate you. It’s time to start dreaming of the fishing trip you’ve always craved. Visit us online or give us a call today.