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When, Where and What Should I Fish for in Alaska?

Whether you are an Alaska resident or are planning a trip to visit, booking a fishing tour or fishing charter should be on the top of your to-do list. Fishing tours are a great way to see the beauty of Alaska’s many rivers, lakes and ocean views. There are opportunities to go out on fishing charters at any time of year, with different kinds of fishing being optimal at different seasons. If you are interested in booking a fishing tour in the gorgeous state of Alaska, here are some options you should be aware of.

All things salmon

Especially if you’re planning a trip and fishing tour from out of state, chances are you will be coming to Alaska during the summer. It’s a popular time to see the beauty Alaska has to offer, both because the flowers are blooming and because summer is just an easier time to travel. But summer is also when peak salmon runs occur, with different species of salmon showing up at different times in the season.

Peak salmon runs occur from May to September in Alaska. King salmon fishing charters begin in May, while silver salmon can be fished all the way through November. There are opportunities to fish all five major species of salmon in the course of an Alaskan summer.

Deep water ocean fish

There are many opportunities for fishing charters off the coast of Alaska to hook deep water ocean species like halibut and more. Alaska is a fantastic place for people who love to spend time on the ocean, with world-class halibut, rockfish, shark, lingcod fishing and more. If you get seasick and deep sea waters are not your idea of fun, there are even opportunities to try surfcasting for bottom fish like halibut from the shore.

Less common species to look for in Alaska

While salmon and halibut are a huge draw for fishing tours and sport tourism in Alaska, there are many other kinds of fish that you can pursue in our great state as well. If you’re up for an adventure off the beaten track, opting for fishing charters that specialize in something other than salmon and halibut might be the way to go. Interior lakes and streams in Alaska are full of Arctic grayling, which is the sailfish of the north. In south central lakes and streams from the Susitna River to the Kenai River, you can find Dolly Varden and rainbow trout. There are also northern pike, burbot and Arctic char found throughout the state.

Book your fishing tour today

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