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Chartering Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska Is The Best Kind of Vacation

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Putting someone else behind the helm and putting yourself behind the reel is as real a vacation as you will ever need. It’s a beautiful blend of two worlds.

On the one hand, you are being taken care of. Experienced, expert captains and fishermen are taking you to their choice locales with the prime techniques and equipment that they know will get you the fight for a fish you have flown so far for. And on the other hand, you’re out in one of the last true wildernesses in the United States, far from the cares of your life, indulging in an aquatic, predatory experience that connects you not only to the beauty and excitement of a fishing expedition, but also every memory you carry in you from your childhood of fishing with your father, brother, mother, or sister.

By creating new experiences for yourself in the emerald and azure of salmon fishing trips in Alaska, you can also connect them to your childhood memories and live in both at once. And why stop with yourself?

Plan your salmon charter with your family, show your children a new environment and bring them closer to nature than they are accustomed to. Memories made on the water and on the deck are unique ones that are incomparable to any sporting event or vacationing you and yours could partake in. Watch as your family’s eyes grow as wide as a bass’ mouth, and know that in their minds and hearts are being forged experiences that they will carry with them just as you carry your own memories of your childhood fishing experiences!

The thrill of the catch

When you charter a salmon fishing trip in Alaska, getting those Pinks and Cohos on the line and in the net is a juicy and exciting battle that you will not find anywhere else. Alaskan salmon are large and fierce and they will put up the fight that you and yours are looking for when out to challenge nature’s flashing fish.

It’s a real rush, yelling out “fish on!” when you set your hook, the butt of the pole digging into your hip, everyone rooting for you as you slowly, inexorably crank against the monster in the water, it’s powerful body throwing every ounce of itself against you and your shoulder burning as it works the reel over and over and over. Then it starts to flag and fail, and the battle becomes easier, and soon, shimmering just below the surface, you see your prize being pulled up by your line and one of your trip mates approaches with the net to scoop up your opponent. Everyone gets out their cameras.

If this sounds like the salmon fishing charter that you want to experience, plan your trip to Alaska today. We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the bait and we’ve got the passion to match your own in the unique hunt for Alaskan salmon. Give us a call to schedule salmon fishing trips in Alaska, and we’ll warm up the motor.