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Experiences You’re Not Expecting On Your Fishing Tour in Alaska

a person wearing a hat and sunglasses holding a fish

You’re on a website reading about chartering a fishing tour in Alaska, one of the most famous and satisfying fishing locales in the entire world. You know you are going to be catching fish, whether they’re big oily White King Salmon, or the lean, athletic sprinters of the sea, the Sockeye Salmon, or the rich and delicious Humpies.

Whatever scaly prize you manage to get your hook into, you know you’re going to be going home with a full belly and a full freezer. What you don’t know about are all the perks of a real Alaskan fishing tour, however. Here are just a few of the experiences you are likely to be blessed with by taking the trip to our incredible state.

Alaskan Marine Life

Being such a late addition to the United States of America, Alaska was exposed to much of the mass development later than the rest of the country, which gave it a chance to be protected by many of the protective environmental laws that had been put in place after learning the costs of unregulated environmental exploitation on the east coast and the damage to the countryside that the industrial revolution brought about.

That, combined with the focus on mining and logging out of Alaska, had left our northern waters with an aquatic environment that, compared to the rest of the nation, is incredible. It’s likely that while casting your line for dinner you may see beautiful breaching hump back whales, racing orcas, darting porpoises, and sea lions and seals by the score. Bring your camera as well as your fillet knife, because your friends back home are going to find your story about the sixty-pound King more credible than your tale of the orca snatching a sea lion off the rocks.

The Landscape

Snow peaked mountains that rake the sky, thin black pines bristling in the arctic winds, and bald eagles fighting with ravens over the docks. Alaska isn’t the only state with mountains, not by a long shot, but its tendency to sprout great mountain ranges right along its coast, as though their slopes are there for the soul purpose of keeping the waves from sweeping all the way to Fairbanks, is singular and unparalleled in the United States.

If you have grown in the great flat heart of the country or in the sweltering south, or are more accustomed to the twisting mountains of steel and glass that comprise our cities, you may feel as though you’re on a new planet.

Eating Your Catch With The Locals

All seafood is worse after you freeze it. It won’t be terrible, if done correctly, in fact it can still be delicious. But when you bring in your Sockeye and you fire up the grill back on the beach, you will find yourself in the warm embrace of an authentic Alaskan fishing experience, with nothing between your catch and your mouth but the fire it must pass through first.

Sitting on the rocks with some local Alaskans you will enjoy a meal, yes, but you will also have a chance to meet people with a real small-town perspective who can talk to you about their lives and the quality of existence in the 49th state.

If you’re ready to find out what the greatest wilderness left on earth is like, charter a fishing tour in Alaska and enjoy not only the briny experience on the water that you expect, but all the other aspects that come with the northern package. Think about it, we’ll save you a pole.