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Discover These Native Fish on Your Next Alaskan Fishing Charter

Each region of the world offers its own unique discoveries. In Alaska, locals and visitors enjoy a host of fish native to the area. Some of these species are not found elsewhere in the world. Others are found in various parts of the world, but are found in greater abundance here. Learn more about them and discover them in person on your next Alaskan fishing charter.

Following is a quick guide to some of the main varieties of fish you can expect to see in Alaska. Use this to make a list of fish you’d like to see, catch, raise or add to your next menu!


Alaska is renowned for its five different varieties of salmon. These fish migrate upstream in Alaskan rivers each year. The salmon’s impressive jumps create exciting sights for people and a buffet for local bears. The five salmon species you can find in Alaska include:

  • King salmon (Chinook): These salmon feature a blue-gray back and silver sides. Their distinctive markings include small, irregular-shaped black spots on their back and dorsal fin.
  • Coho (Silver) salmon: These fish have a greenish-blue back and silver sides. They also feature small black spots, as well as a black mouth with white gums.
  • Sockeye (Red) salmon: This variety is actually dark blue with silver sides, but their bodies turn brick red or scarlet when they are spawning.
  • Chum (Dog) salmon: Chum salmon have dull-gray backs and yellowish-silver sides without spots. Male chum feature large, canine-like teeth.
  • Pink salmon (Humpsies): These salmon have large spots on their backs and black oval splotches on their tails. When spawning, males develop a large hump.


These fish are the most populous among bottom fish in Alaska. If you’re looking for halibut on your next Alaskan fishing charter, set your bait for the ocean floor and drift or anchor to entice these large fish. Halibut can be found in other parts of the world, but Alaskan Pacific halibut offers a fine catch!

Steelhead (Rainbow Trout)

These aren’t the easiest fish to catch on Alaskan fishing charters, but they are trophy-class if you can snag them. They are fierce fighters, and they are often more than two feet long. As their name indicates, they are also a colorful species of fish.


This fish is found only in Asia and the arctic and subarctic areas of North America. It’s found mostly in the Kuskokwim and Yukon river systems. Its quality of taste, combined with its large size, make it one of the most unique fish in Alaska. They can be recognized by their protruding lower jaw and their white or silvery color that features no spots or other markings.

Meet Our Fish

Would you like the opportunity to meet some of these fish in person? An Alaskan fishing charter allows you to encounter the native fish of Alaska—and maybe even bring some home! To schedule your next adventure, contact Phantom Tri-River Charters today. Our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you have about Alaskan fish and help you create memories to last a lifetime.