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Time to Start Planning Your Spring Fishing Trip to Alaska!

There is no single best season to go fishing in Alaska. Some people prefer summer or spring, while others like fishing in fall. When you go will depend on the species of fish you want to catch or the time you have available for a vacation to Alaska. But what should you do if you are new to fishing in Alaska, or if it has been a while, or you want to take the stress out of finding good fishing spors? To make your trip simpler, consider booking a fishing charter with a company like Phantom Tri-River Charters.

Now is the time to start planning your spring fishing trip to Alaska! Here are some steps to follow and things to know.

Choose your fish and get a fishing permit

Which species of fish do you want to catch? This is important to know so you book the right type of Alaskan fishing trip. If you want to fish for salmon, then either freshwater or saltwater fishing trips will work. If you want to catch rainbow trout, a freshwater fishing charter is what you will want. Fishing charters will list this information on their websites, along with fishing license requirements and special fishing permits. Note that while some charters cover fishing permits and fees, not all of them do; it’s up to you to confirm this with the charter company before booking your trip. Permits are available for purchase at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website.

Find a fishing charter

There are a few ways you can go about finding an exceptional Alaskan fishing charter. You can conduct an online search, ask friends and family for recommendations or hire a travel agent for expert help. A big part of the planning process is deciding whether you want a charter that also offers lodging and meals, camping, hiking, fishing trip only or a complete travel package that includes transportation and a variety of fishing excursions. Additionally, do you want to fish alone or with a group of friends? These are important questions to ask when you contact a fishing charter company like Phantom Tri-River Charters.

Know what items to bring

You need to create a packing list. Some fishing charters offer the use of their fishing gear and rain gear, and oftentimes provide tackle and bait, but confirm this with the charter company you choose before you begin packing. Even though it will be springtime, you’ll need to dress in layers of non-cotton clothing, have a lightweight raincoat, wear durable boots that are water repellent for fishing and hiking and bring walking shoes, plenty of wool socks, wool knit hats and gloves and a brimmed hat. Sun block and insect repellent are also must-haves, and don’t forget to pack any necessary toiletries.

Planning your spring fishing trip to Alaska should be a fun and exciting experience that fills you with anticipation. Let Phantom Tri-River Charters be a part of your plan. Contact us today for more information—book your Alaskan fishing tour with us and you are sure to take home memories that will last a lifetime!