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Do You Have the Best Attire and Accessories for Alaskan Fishing Trips?

We always tell visitors on our Alaskan fishing trips that you will never know the weather until it occurs. A weather report will help with some preparation, but surprise rain and snowstorms are never completely beyond possibility. This will likely complicate your choices when it comes to attire and accessories. Here are five basic essentials for our trips that will serve you in a majority of cases:

  • Polar fleece vest: Since the weather can change quickly, we always emphasize layering. The polar fleece vest is the ultimate in layering, since it can be worn over a light t-shirt for just a little extra insulation or over a jacket to increase padding. Another advantage is the lack of sleeves, which gives you less to get wet when you are handling fish. There is a reason most outdoorsy types never go anywhere without a vest, and our trips often prove why.
  • Waterproof footwear: Nothing will destroy a day on the water quicker than cold feet. Since water will get into the boat occasionally, one way to stay warm is to choose waterproof footwear. Sealed hiking boots work great. You will want to wear something that is proven to be waterproof, so do not make this the first test of your shoes’ abilities to stand up to water. Add slip-on waterproof camp shoes over your primary footwear if you are not sure whether they will work.
  • Pullovers: Fleece sweatshirts and pullovers are popular on our adventures. Some people feel the chill more than others and require sleeves. These work great because the sleeves roll up easily when you need to reach into the water for your catch. Also, adding this to a light waterproof jacket on rainy days provides the insulation you need to stay warm and enjoy your day. If the sun comes out and starts roasting you, all you need to do is remove your pullover and tie it around your waist. It all goes back to remembering to layer when you fish with us!
  • Quick-dry garments: You never want to leave for a trip without a lightweight rain jacket. If you get wet, you will get cold, and that will make fishing miserable. A rain jacket also dries quickly if we do face rain, which that can be an advantage if you are on one of our all-day trips. Quick-dry pants are also a wonderful option. Usually made of polar fleece, they keep you warm and repel water so you can avoid being wet and cold. If they do get wet, they will not stay that way for long. There are also long and short sleeve shirts available in quick-dry fabric to expand your options further.
  • The right accessories: Clothes are important, but so are accessories. Your belongings could get submerged, so keeping wallets, keys and even mobile devices in a waterproof bag is helpful. Throw a couple of quick-dry towels in there, too, so you have them if you need them. You will likely finish the trip dry and unscathed, but it never hurts to be prepared.

For Alaskan fishing trips to remember, call Phantom Tri-River Charters today for booking. We look forward to fishing with you!