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Whether Fishing or Not, You Will Love Our Alaskan Fishing Charters

Alaskan fishing charters frequently attract the most intrepid sport fishing connoisseurs, but not everyone is an experienced angler or even interested in fishing at all. If you want to take a charter, but your spouse or travel companion does not want to fish, there is still something in it for them as well as you. Here is what you will enjoy about our charters, whether you use a rod or simply enjoy being along for the ride:

  • Scenery: Alaska is known for its natural scenery for a good reason. It is spectacular, and enjoying a boat ride while surrounded by trees and mountains is never a waste of time. If you wish to take a break from casting or even need to retreat to the heated indoors of our boats for a little bit, take that as an opportunity to look out at the majestic beauty all around you. The scenery is there to captivate you, whether you choose to fish or not.
  • Wildlife: Our fishing charters often encounter the residents of our surroundings. Bears, bald eagles, caribous and moose will frequently make an appearance. Do not worry though—they are merely curious and will not pose any danger to you (especially if you remain on board the boat). Be aware and courteous of them, and we will all coexist peacefully.
  • Protection from the elements: The weather can vary. On your fishing day, it could be very cold outside or over 60 degrees. Winter and spring can seem to occur in the same day! While you may have always imagined Alaska as a land of ice, the reality is much more dramatic. Do not forget your rain gear, and dress in layers. Basically, you will never know the weather until we are actually on the water. That is why our boats offer shelter and heat, just in case the outdoors gets to be too much.
  • Good chance of finding that trophy salmon: It may be the first time you fish or your hundredth visit to Alaska. The fishing is spectacular here, but it still requires work and knowledge to catch a good-sized fish. Our charters take out most of that effort. We will take you to the best spots so you can have your best chance yet of finding that monster that will taste good after smoking or look good mounted on your wall. If you have a preference between fly fishing or spin rods, let us know. We can accommodate all types of equipment and provide it if you do not have your own.
  • Helpful staff: We are Coast Guard licensed and accredited. We can guide you to the best catch and do so safely. While you enjoy the scenic beauty, rest assured that our skilled boat captains and guides are ready for any sudden weather conditions or emergency situations that can arise.

Call Phantom Tri-River Charters for Alaskan fishing charters that will create great memories. We look forward to hearing from you and taking you on an exciting fall fishing adventure!