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Essential Gear to Bring on a Fishing Charter to Alaska

a group of people standing in front of a fish

Fishing in Alaskan waters isn’t like fishing down at your local pond or stream! Between the colder temperatures and rougher elements at work, you’ll need a bit more gear, a more alert mind and some hardened experience as a fisherman to get you through the journey. Rest assured, however, if you’re properly prepared for an Alaskan fishing trip, it can and will be one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have on the open water! Take a look at our checklist of essential gear required for a great fishing experience in the Alaskan wilderness:

Rain gear or poncho: No one can predict the weather for a trip that they book weeks or months in advance, but you can definitely be prepared for the elements if it decides to rain! Be sure to pack a poncho and other rain gear so that you’re able to fish the open waters without getting soaked to the bone. Remember, packing a poncho is more than just assuring yourself comfort while fishing: keeping warm will keep you in good health and stop you from getting sick while out on the boat.

Polarized sunglasses: The opposite of a rainy day on the Alaskan waters, is of course a day when the sun is so bright, it’s nearly blinding! There have been many an Alaskan fishing trip where the sunlight has been so bright that fishermen have trouble seeing their own lures—in cases such as this, it’s especially important to pack a pair of polarized sunglasses. Having eyewear that blocks the sun and allows you to see is also more than just a comfort feature—it’ll ensure that you’re safe at all times because you’re able to maintain your vision.

Snacks and drinks: While there’s fresh water available on every Phantom Tri-River Charters boat, it’s important to consider your own needs. Feel free to bring a cooler with some quick snacks, as well as an assortment of drinks. Keep in mind, snacks that are high in protein will help you keep your energy up! Also, beer and wine are permitted drinks, however no hard liquor is allowed on the boats and anyone showing up to the excursion inebriated will forfeit their spot on the trip. Drink smart and in moderation—after all, you’re out on the water to have a memorable trip!

Camera: Sometimes, there are moments worth capturing on film while you’re out on the water. Whether it’s a serene landscape off in the distance or a quick encounter with the local wildlife, it’s always a good idea to have your camera on hand, so that you’re able to take a piece of the trip home with you, aside from whatever you catch.

Fishing license and king stamp: You won’t be catching much of anything without these essential documents! Be sure that you’ve purchased these items and have them with you when you arrive for your excursion!

Remember, these are the commodities—feel free to bring other items that are essential to your happiness out on the open water. Be mindful of space, however and try to bring only the things you absolutely need to have a great and productive time!