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What to Expect During Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

Phantom Tri-River Charters

So you’ve just booked your very first Alaskan fishing trip—congratulations! You’re probably very excited, a tad nervous about what to expect and perhaps, totally in the dark about how your next adventure is about to play out. The great thing about booking a charter with Phantom Tri-River Charters is that your entire excursion is in good hands: you’ll be guided through every step of the adventure, allowing you to enjoy all of the sights, sounds and experiences you’re about to undertake.

Take a look at all of the different segments of an Alaskan fishing trip that you can expect to experience when you show up to claim your spot on a boat:

Check in and prep: When you first arrive for your exciting Alaskan fishing trip, you’ll need to go about a few important steps before you even hit the water. First, you’ll need to check in, claim your spot on the excursion and check to see if you have all of your appropriate gear, as well as permits and a valid license. This step is the most important of them all, because it will dictate how the rest of your trip will play out. If you forget to pack anything or mistakenly leave something behind, you’ll have the opportunity to remedy your misstep before the excursion is fully underway.

Bank or boat fishing: Depending on the nature of the water at the time or your excursion and your fishing preference, you could find yourself fishing from a boat, as well as fishing from the bank. Both spin and fly-fishing are available, however if you’re expecting to fly fish from the bank, you’ll have to notify our staff during the booking of your trip.

The catch: Phantom Tri-River Charters is known for its exceptional catch rates and highly memorable experiences—meaning that you’re sure to walk away with a catch that you can be proud of. Keep in mind, you’re allowed to catch and release as many times as you want, however when fishing for King Salmon, once your limit is reached and retained, state law requires that no more fish be caught. Phantom Tri-River Charters takes this law very seriously, so don’t expect to catch past the legal limit and keep the one that you’ll be most proud of!

Wildlife and wilderness: Part of your Alaskan fishing trip has nothing to do with the fish—instead, you’ll have to take a moment to enjoy the serenity of the wilderness around you. Our charters often come into contact with various forms of the wilderness, whether it’s an animal off in the distance or a beautiful landscape formation. We encourage all of our guests to bring their cameras and capture these moments on film!

There are so many facets of your Alaskan fishing trip that can’t be described in words—only through the experience that you’ll have on it! Book a trip today to get the full experience: from the fishing itself, to the atmosphere you’ll be fishing in!