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Learn About Talkeetna Before Visiting for Your Fishing Tour in Alaska!

Alaska is one of the most unique places in the world, boasting a rich fishing industry, bountiful natural resources, striking scenery and the highest peak in North America. There are so many different regions in Alaska that are worth exploring that it might be difficult to whittle down your itinerary to select just a few places!

No matter where you go in the state, you are likely to experience something unforgettable, but one of the most interesting places to visit is Talkeetna. In addition to the natural beauty that can be observed and the multitude of activities that can be enjoyed in Talkeetna, this small Alaskan town also has a rich history that you can experience firsthand when you stop for a visit.

The history of Talkeetna

The city of Talkeetna is located just about 120 miles north of Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage. The city of Talkeetna is located at the convergence of three rivers: the Talkeetna, the Chulitna and the Susitna. “Talkeetna” is an Indian word meaning “where the rivers join,” and the town itself has an area of about 42 square miles. Within this area, there is a population of about 876 people.

While the town itself is small, it actually gets a steady stream of traffic from tourists because of the fact that it is a stop on the Alaska Railroad. In fact, Talkeetna was the location of the original headquarters of the Alaska Railroad when it was founded back in 1916. Prior to the founding of the railroad, Talkeetna was a mining town and a trading post, but the population peaked after the establishment of the railroad.

After 1916, development began to pick up. A sawmill, post office, trading post, cigar store, stable and other businesses were built, and soon residential development grew. The population of Talkeetna peaked prior to World War I, and dipped afterwards. Today, many of the original businesses and cabins that were constructed in the early 20th century still stand and offer a fascinating opportunity for exploration of the town’s rich history and architecture.

One of the most popular facts about Talkeetna has to do with its local government. While the town is unincorporated and does not have a formal civic government, it has a community council in place as a form of political representation. Although there was no actual mayoral office, the residents of Talkeetna offered an honorary mayor title to a beloved, four-legged member of the community. At just three months old, a cat named Stubbs was granted the honorary title of mayor of Talkeetna, which he retained until his death this past summer at the age of 20.

Take a fishing tour in Alaska

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