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Learn Why Summer Is Best Spent in Alaska!

Summer is the season where people go out of their way to spend time outdoors. They go on vacation to admire the sights of someplace new, or they get started on an outdoor project that they’ve been waiting all winter to complete. It’s all about enjoying the weather and nature before you’re forced indoors again.

For outdoorsy people who want a full and complete summertime experience, there are few places in the world more welcoming than Alaska. Summer in Alaska is an unparalleled experience with so much to offer vacationers—whether you’re the type of person who wants to sightsee or you’d rather gear up for an Alaskan fishing charter.

What makes Alaska such a wonderful destination during the summer season? Take a look at a few of the reasons you won’t want to leave once you get here:

  • Because of its latitude, Alaska has some of the longest summer daylight periods in the habitable world. Did you know that the daylight in mid-June can last up to 19 hours?! This means your opportunity for activities is never hampered by nighttime and you can continue to enjoy your vacation well into the evening.
  • Alaska has a reputation for being frigidly cold and remote. While this might be the case in harsher winter months, summer is actually quite a beautiful time in the state. Expect temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees during the summer months—right around the ideal average for most people. Rarely are temps seen above the mid-80s, making Alaska a great escape destination for residents of hot and humid regions, like the American South and Southwest.
  • Alaska is rife with wildlife in the summer months, making it a premier destination for sightseeing and hunting. Take a tributary cruise and see if you can spot a grizzly bear in the distance, observe herons and eagles flying high above you or cast your line as part of an Alaskan fishing charter. Alaska is the “last frontier,” which means you’ll see more than your fair share of wildlife during the summer season.
  • Want to enjoy the wilderness without being eaten alive by bugs? Come to Alaska in early June or mid-to-late August. The temperature will still be nice and warm, but nightly frosts will inhibit insects, giving you a free and clear path to your favorite hiking and camping pastimes.
  • Weather is much more predictable in Alaska during the summer season than at any other time. You’ll be able to plan your agenda with confidence, whether there’s rain in the forecast or it’s bright skies for days. And, even if the weather is uncooperative, it’s not usually severe enough to prohibit activities if you’re not afraid to get a little damp!

If you’re looking for a summertime vacation destination that will give you the best possible enjoyment of the outdoors, look no further than Alaska. Sure, you might sit on a plane for longer than you might like, but when you step off, you’ll be entering a world that’s scenic, serene and welcoming. We promise, there’s no better place to spend your summer.