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Summer Is the Best Time for a Fishing Tour in Alaska

All signs point to an outstanding pink salmon fishing year, with this summer likely to hit the highest numbers on record. This is the perfect opportunity to get in on the excitement and book a fishing tour in Alaska, so you can be a part of this record year of fishing for the region.

A record year for pink salmon

Fish forecasts point to a summer season that will surpass last year’s catch, with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game predicting a huge showing for 2017. With pink salmon always producing in large quantities in odd-numbered years, it is expected that this year could be the largest on record for fishermen.

A fishing tour in Alaska offers you the opportunity to reel in big numbers, as there is plenty of fishing to be had this summer. In the Southeast region of Alaska, it is expected that 43 million salmon will be on hand for the catching—an increase over the 10-year average for the species. This is a significant uptick over the 17 million pink salmon that were peaking last summer, making this an ideal year for pink salmon fishing.

There is no doubt that the fish will be biting this summer, and you will want to take advantage of the record summer that Alaska is expected to have with pink salmon fishing. This year’s crop comes from the 2015 pack, which was the largest on record for the region at the time, making fishing the Alaskan waterways an adventure that can’t be missed.

Book your fishing tour

With a strong showing of pink salmon expected, it is clear that everyone will likely get their catch limit, making fishing that much more exciting for all that partake in the sport. Every region is experiencing high levels of pink salmon, with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game anticipating 43 million pink salmon swimming the waterways of Alaska this season.

A fishing tour in Alaska will help you hook these pink salmon that will be flooding the waters, making the fishing action spectacular this summer. There is a flurry of fish to be had, and you’ll want to make sure to book your fishing charter now, so you can get in on the adventure without delay.

When you book a fishing tour in Alaska, you will be taken to all the hot spots where the tour guides know the pink salmon are likely to be. The beginning of summer is an ideal time for fishing the Alaskan waterways, as this is when the pink salmon fishing heats up, so you will be sure to catch a bounty of fish with your rod and reel.

Come be a part of this legendary pink salmon season by booking your fishing tour in Alaska now. Call Phantom Tri-River Charters to reserve your spot aboard one of our fishing charters. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you don’t want to miss your chance to catch pink salmon at the height of the summer season!